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        • Aero 2 PFF2 Mask - blue, image 1
        • Aero 2 PFF2 Mask - blue, image 2
        • Aero 2 PFF2 Mask - blue, image 3

        Aero 2 PFF2 Mask - blue

        Aero 2 is produced in Monte Mor (SP) in Brazil and it is both approved with ANVISA and CA certifications. 

        The Aero 2 PFF2 mask has an excellent fit, thanks to its innovative design, achieved through an electronic fabric cutting system.

        AERO2 respirators adapt perfectly to all face shapes.

        It has a unique fastening system with four adjustment points, allowing a perfect and comfortable fit.

        This valve-free Aero 2 PFF2 respiratory protection mask is suitable for respiratory protection in a hospital environment, and protects against aerosols of biological origin whose transmission route is mainly air.

        The mask is made of high-quality filtering materials that meet the most stringent national and international standards, developed and tested in the world's best laboratories.

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        • Made in a foldable format, Aero2 masks are easy to store, even in the pocket, comfortable, and practical
        • Individually bagged
        • Unique fastening system with four adjustment points, enables a perfect seal, without disturbing the user
        • the elastics have been developed to ensure sealing, without the need to be extremely tight and disturb the user
        • with adjustable nose clip and straps for a superior fit


        CA 38.337 and Anvisa 80158680031
        Filtration efficiency of particulate


        • Metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile industry
        • Welding, painting, glass fiber
        • Constructions, agriculture, mining
        • Laboratory, hospitals

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