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        Easydrop Flow Regulators


        GVS IV Flow Regulators provide constant flow rate during the entire infusion procedure. There is no need for continuous adjustment of flow rate and there is no risk of over-infusion.

        Because it takes two hands to set and adjust our products, this prevents accidental changes in flow.

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        Easydrop is a single-use disposable flow regulator which allows highly accurate control of flow rate.

        The Easydrop operating principle is the “triple labyrinth”, the GVS patented technology that ensures a very accurate flow rate and high stability in delivery throughout the whole infusion session.

        No electrical power is required.
        Easydrop has a very light weight and a modern look.

        Characteristics and Advantages

        Diameter x Height
        32.00 x 34.20 mm
        9.00 g
        Operating range
        20 to 250 ml/h
        Maximum operating pressure
        0.5 bar (7 psi) in static condition


        • Infusion

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of Easydrop Flow Regulators are available.

        Product Variants

        1 available result

        1. RN130BTEK0000D02
          Easydrop Flow Regulator white / double scale
          Assembly method
          Box dimension
          60x40x35 cm
          Box quantity
          Box weight
          15.9 kg
          Diameter (mm)
          Height (mm)
          Housing material
          ABS + SEBS
          Operating range:20 to 250 ml/hTolerance of flow rate range:5-15 ml/h not definedrange 20 ml/h tolerance on flow rate -10 / + 50%range 21-40 ml/h tolerance on flow rate -10 / + 30%range 41-250 ml/h tolerance on flow rate -10 / + 20% Stability of flow rate10% flow rate fluctuation during 24 hours infusion(tested with NaCl 0.9% solution from glass bottles)
          Pressure (bar)
          Gravity set 0.5
          <0.25 EU/ml
          Ref. standard
          ISO 8536-4 / 10993-1
          Weight (g)

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