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        Eurodrop - Single Scale


        Eurodrop is a single-use disposable flow regulator which allows highly accurate control of flow rate in gravity administered I.V. solutions. It'is a very low-cost alternative to highly expensive I.V. pump systems (with expensive and dedicated high pressure I.V. sets). Eurodrop is used with standard gravity I.V. sets and requires a “two hands” safety operation for any adjustment.

        The Eurodrop operating principle is the “triple labyrinth”, the GVS patented technology that ensures a very accurate flow rate and high stability in delivery throughout the whole infusion session. No electrical power is required. Eurodrop has a very light weight and a modern look.

        Eurodrop can be added as component of a standard gravity I.V. line or provided into an extension set to be connected to an existing standard gravity V line.


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        Eurodrop is available in single and double calibration scale.

        Eurodrop single scale has a general purpose scale that can be used for any kind of solution.

        Eurodrop double scale has one first scale for liquid having density lower than 10% (i.e. light solutions with basis of NaCl 0.9% or Glucose 5% and 10% or Mannitol 5% and 10%) and a second scale for liquid having higher density (40% scale calibrated for solutions made with a basis of Glucose 20% or Mannitoil 18%).


        32.00 x 34.20 mm
        9.00 g
        Inlet/Outlet connectors
        Standard IV tubing connectors (2.7 x 3.5 mm or 3.0 x 4.1 mm)
        Suitable for EtO (44°C/111°F max) and gamma (50kGy) sterilization. Higher temperature can cause a reduction in performance.


        • Infusion

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of Eurodrop - Single Scale are available.

        Product Variants

        1 available result

        1. RN200BTEK0000D01
          Eurodrop Flow Regulator white / single scale
          Assembly method
          Box dimension
          60x40x35 cm
          Box quantity
          Box weight
          15.9 kg
          Diameter (mm)
          Height (mm)
          Housing material
          ABS + SEBS
          Operating range:20 to 250 ml/hTolerance of flow rate range:5-15 ml/h not definedrange 20 ml/h tolerance on flow rate -10 / + 50%range 21-40 ml/h tolerance on flow rate -10 / + 30%range 41-250 ml/h tolerance on flow rate -10 / + 20% Stability of flow rate10% flow rate fluctuation during 24 hours infusion(tested with NaCl 0.9% solution from glass bottles)
          Pressure (bar)
          Gravity set 0.5
          <0.25 EU/ml
          Ref. standard
          ISO 8536-4 / 10993-1
          Weight (g)

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