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        FAST™ Accessories

        GVS is proud to introduce the entire line of FAST protein microarray products:

        - FAST™ Slides
        - FAST™ PAK Starter Kits
        - A Full line of Buffers and Accessories

        Brought to you by the team who developed and has improved the FAST™ line of products over the last decade, we welcome your business with products optimized for performance and reliability, using a Quality Management System registered to the ISO 9001 standard.

        Protein microarrays have begun to fulfill their great potential.

        They are now recognized as critical tools for proteomics, biomarker research, and drug discovery.

        They allow discovery and analysis of protein expression patterns, posttranslational modifications, and protein interactions involved in cell growth and differentiation, environmental and drug responses, and disease progression such as in cancer.


        Product Specification only for 10486001 and 10486081
        Product Specification only for 10486046, 10486087 and 10486137

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        Product Features

        FAST Slide Incubation Chambers 
        Used in conjunction with the FAST™ Frame or Chip Clip Slide Holder, GVS incubation chambers have a secure gasket design forming a tight, leak-proof seal with the FAST™ Slides to provide a convenient means to conduct binding reactions on protein microarrays.

        Incubation chambers are designed specifically to fit all FAST™ Slide formats.

        Simply remove the reusable incubation chamber when the reaction is finished.

        FAST Slide Holders 
        The Chip Clip securely holds one FAST™ Slide and incubation chamber for processing multiple arrays simultaneously, ensuring leak-proof barriers around the arrayed pads on the slide.

        The slide and incubation chamber are easily inserted into and removed from the Chip Clip Slide Holder; Side rails hold the chamber firmly against the slide surface.

        The FAST™ Frame Slide Holder is designed to hold up to four FAST™ Slides and their corresponding incubation chambers for high-throughput processing of microarrays.

        The 96-well spacing (9 mm center to center) of the array pads on the 16-pad FAST™ Slides makes the loaded FAST™ Frame compatible with automated liquid handling systems and 8-channel manual pipettors. Each plate processes up to 64 arrays simultaneously.

        The rows and columns on each plate are labeled for easy indexing and sample application.

        Both the Chip Clip and FAST™ Frame Slide Holders are constructed of autoclavable plastic and are compatible with standard 1 x 3” (25 x 76 mm) glass slides when used with GVS incubation chambers.


        Increase the ease and convenience
        of handling and processing FAST™ Slides.
        Ensure reproducible, consistent results
        with every slide, every time.


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        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of FAST™ Accessories are available.

        Product Variants

        5 available results

        1. 10486001
          FAST Frame Slide Holder
          Box quantity
        2. 10486046
          FAST Slide Incubation Chamber 16 WELL
          Box quantity
        3. 10486081
          Chip Clip™ Slide Holder
          Box quantity
        4. FAST Slide Incubation Chamber 2 WELL
          FAST Slide Incubation Chamber 2 WELL
          FAST Slide Incubation Chamber 2 WELL
          Box quantity
        5. FAST Slide Incubation Chamber Single Well 20x51
          FAST Slide Incubation Chamber Single Well 20x51
          FAST Slide Incubation Chamber Single Well 20x51
          Box quantity

        Cited in more than 150 publications, FAST™ Slides have proven to be the surface of choice for designing and building protein microarrays.

        The surface is a proprietary nitrocellulose coating that non-covalently binds proteins maintaining their native structure.

        Nitrocellulose provides a homogeneous 3-D surface for uniform protein binding and significantly greater binding capacity than 2-D or ultrathin coatings.

        With sensitivities down to attamoles (10-18 moles) and near quantitative capture over a broad dynamic range of four orders of magnitude, FAST™ Slides offer unparalleled detection ability, reproducibility, and reliability.