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        • FAST™ Protein Array Buffers, image 1

        FAST™ Protein Array Buffers

        GVS Protein Array Buffers have been optimized for use on FAST™ Slides.

        GVS has designed an entire line of FAST™ Protein Array Buffers:

        - Protein Arraying Buffer
        - Protein Array Washing Buffer
        - Protein Array Blocking Buffer


        TDS 10485331
        TDS 10485330
        TDS 10485331

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        Product Features

        Protein Arraying Buffer
        - enhances long-term protein stability and molecular recognition activity of arrayed proteins
        - enhances activity of arrayed proteins

        Protein Array Washing Buffer
        - excellent washing buffer for protein microarrays
        - preserves protein-protein interactions
        - optimized for use on FAST™ Slides

        Protein Array Blocking Buffer
        - demonstrates superior blocking of protein microarrays
        - exhibits strong reduction of nonspecific antibody-antibody interactions
        - exhibits minimal effects on specific antibody-antigen interactions
        - results in superior signal to noise ratio in protein microarray
        - compatible with all detection methods

        Characteristics and Advantages

        Buffer Format
        2X concentrate in 10 mL plastic bottles
        Washing Buffer Format
        10X concentrate in 125 mL plastic bottles
        Blocking Buffer Format
        100 mL plastic bottles


        • Diagnostic

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of FAST™ Protein Array Buffers are available.

        Product Variants

        3 available results

        1. 10485330
          Protein Array Washing Buffer (10X) 125ml (4 Pcs)
          Box quantity
        2. 10485331
          Protein Arraying Buffer (2X) 10ml (4 Pcs)
          Box quantity
        3. 10485356
          Protein Array Blocking Buffer (1X) 100ml (1 Pc)
          Box quantity

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