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        • Flame CoViD -19 VARIANTS, image 1

        Flame CoViD -19 VARIANTS

        qPCR Master Kit – CE-IVD

        The kit is able to simultaneously detect the presence of COVID infection of both the “common” strain and the English, South African, and Brazilian P2 variants with RT-PCR the method in a single “well”. Not Sequencing required!

        This kit is designed with specific primers and Taqman probes for the New Coronavirus ORF1ab and the conservative region of the N gene sequence encoding the nucleocapsid protein of the new coronavirus to diagnose or differentially diagnose whether the tested patient is infected with the new coronavirus, the British B.1.1.7 strain-specific N501Y mutation site and the South African B.1.351 and Brazilian P2 B.1.1.28.P2 strain-specific E484K mutation sites.

        Coming soon: new solution for Delta Variant detection without sequencing!


        CE Certification

        Ask for information


        The mix contains:

        • 2 specific genes: Orf 1ab and N
        • Genomic Internal control
        • Specific sequences for the English variant
        • Specific sequences for the South African variant
        • Specific sequences for the Brazilian variant P2

        4 channels required:

        1. FAM
        2. Cy5
        3. VIC
        4. ROX

        Ability to view data simultaneously and in real-time. “One Step” Workflow.

        Applicable Instruments:

        This kit is suitable also for ABI-7500.

        Other devices suitable:
        QuantStudio (ThermoFisher), Applied Biosystems, Bio-Rad (CFX96 Touch 1000, iQ5 iCycler), Agilent (MX-3000, Aria-Dx), MGITech, LighCycler 480II & Z480 (Roche), M2000RT Abbott, Pentabase Gentier48E, SLAN-96S, HIMEDIA INSTA Q96 LA1012, HIMEDIA INSTA Q48 LA1023, MygoPro, Rotor-Gene (6000, 3000, Q6Plex), LineGene 9600, DT-Lite, DT96, DT-Prime thermocycler series and other quantitative fluorescence PCR platforms with FAM, VIC/HEX and Cy5 channels.


        100 Tests
        -20°±5°, protected from light
        Number of freezing and thawing allowed
        not exceed 7 times
        500 copies/ml
        Positive agreement
        Negative agreement


        • Molecular Analysis for CoViD-19 and variants
        qPCR Master Kit – CE-IVD
        qPCR Master Kit – CE-IVD
        qPCR Master Kit – CE-IVD
        qPCR Master Kit – CE-IVD


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