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        • Nutrivex 1.2 µm, image 1

        Nutrivex 1.2 µm


        The GVS family of IV Filtration products features the most trusted designs, manufactured with the highest throughput membranes in the industry.

        IV Express™ filter unit features high throughput, 1.2 µm PES hydrophilic membrane.

        It remains the largest selling 1.2 µm in-line IV filter design in the world.


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        Nutrivex™ filter unit houses a 1.2 µm, PES hydrophilic membrane for the quantitative removal of Candida albicans in nutrient admixture, TPN and lipid solutions, and 5-Ivex™ is providing a 5.0 µm PES hydrophilic membrane.
        All of them comprise a PVDF 0.1 µm, hydrophobic vent membrane for reliable air elimination.


        Filter Material
        Hydrophilic PES, Hydrophobic PVDF
        Housing Material
        Clear PETG material (yellow core for Nvex)
        Inlet/Outlet connectors
        In: FLL Out: Tube 3x4.1 mm
        Effective filtration area
        10.0 cm² PES 0.5 cm² PVDF
        6.7 cm (height), 4.66 cm (filter body), 1.7 cm (diameter)


        • IV therapy
        • Chemotherapy
        • Antibiotic therapy

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of Nutrivex 1.2 µm are available.

        Product Variants

        1 available result

        1. RS201AEASHW12F01
          Nutrivex 1.2 Μm PES IV Vented Adult Filter, Yellow Core (PVDF)
          Air flow
          70÷90 scc/min @ 190mbar
          Bacterial retention
          Brevundimonas diminuta
          Materials comply with USP class VI-121°C test and ISO 10993
          Box dimension
          60x40x25 cm
          Box quantity
          Box weight
          14.4 kg
          Drug compatibility
          Nutrivex show total compatibility with all most popular drugs
          Effective filtration area (cm²)
          PES: 10.0 PVDF 0.5
          Filtration Efficiency
          Inlet / outlet
          Inlet: FLL, Outlet: Tube 3x4.1 mm
          Length (mm)
          67 (2.6") inlet to outlet46.6 cm (1.8") filter body
          Materials of construction
          Filter media: Hydrophilic PES membrane 1.2 µm Vent: Hydrophobic PTFE 0.1 µm 0.1 µm, or PTFE 0.03 µm membrane. Housing: Clear PETG material, yellow core
          Minimum water bubble point
          = 0.5 bar
          Minimum water flow rate
          =167 ml/min @76cm (30°C) water head height
          96-Hours Throughput Ivex and Nutrivex filters do not show relevant loss in flow rate during 96-hour test Self-priming instructions For fastest priming procedure, let the IVEX and Nutrivex filter free hanging in vertical position with the inlet connector in upper position than the outlet connector. filter will be filled-up of liquid and eliminate air through the vent. after IVEX is filled-up of liquid it can work in any position
          Pressure (bar)
          3.1 bar (45 psi)
          Priming volume
          = 3 ml
          <0.25 EU/ml using the LAL test method
          Sterilization compatibility
          EtO or Gamma (50kGy), e-beam
          55°C (131°F)
          Water breakthrough
          = 15.5 bar
          Weight (g)
          Width (mm)

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