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        • RPB PX5 PAPR P3 Particulate Filters, image 1

        RPB PX5 PAPR P3 Particulate Filters

        The PX5 P3 Particulate filters protect the user in a range of environments from industrial to medical.

        Lightweight, compact and easy to replace.

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        • Includes:
          PX5 P3 Particulate Filter

        • The PX5 P3 particulate filter can filter 99.97% of particles down to 0.03 of a micron


        Certified to EN 12941
        1998 +A2:2008


        • Welding and Grinding (Metal fumes and Dust)
        • Construction (Silica Dust, Abestos, Concrete Dust, Stone Dust, Aggregate Dust, Wood Dust, Cement Dust, Mold)
        • Mining (Coal Dust and Silica Dust)
        • Manufacturing (Glass Fibres, Composite Fibres, Lead Fumes)
        • Food (Poultry, Diary Powders, Spices, Grain Dust)
        • Pharmaceutical (Powders, Viruses)

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