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        • Separa Toggler 120, image 1

        Separa Toggler 120

        SeparaToggler 120 is the multi compressor for simultaneous use up to 12 Separa vials.

        It allows to save time and to reduce hand stress by filtering multiple Separa vials during sample preparation.

        Instructions for use

        Ask for information


        • Streamlines syringeless filtration by filtering up to 12 filter vials simultaneously;
        • Designed for Separa vials;
        • After the use with Separa toggler 120, Separa vials can be loaded directly into the autosampler;
        • Fast and cost-effective filtering process.

        The SeparaToggler120 is a maintenance-free unit without replacement parts.


        Body material
        Lever material


        • Sample Preparation
        • UHPLC and HPLC sample filtration
        • Removal of red blood cells from plasma
        • Filtration of small sample
        • Pharmaceutical quality control (Pharma QC) and water monitoring

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of Separa Toggler 120 are available.

        Product Variants

        1 available result

        1. SEPARATOGGLER120
          Hand Compressor for Separa Filter Vial, 12 placements

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