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        Transducer protectors (TP) are used in hemodialysis blood lines to keep the blood side of the circuit separated from the machine side, and to prevent contamination of the machine by the blood flowing through the circuit. This contamination could be very dangerous and can lead to patient cross contamination with hepatitis B or other virus. Transducer protectors let air pass while preventing the blood from passing through. TP’s incorporate bacterial retentive membrane (0.2μm, if not otherwise requested).

        Transducer protectors must guarantee a sufficient air flow to provide immediate reaction time if there is a change in patient blood pressure. If the TP does not react quickly enough, this can be very dangerous for the patient.

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        GVS transducer protectors are also suitable as air or gas vents. Venting characteristics are achieved by using hydrophobic membranes. GVS has a full range of transducer protector products which incorporate either highly hydrophobic PTFE or hydrophobic acrylic membranes.

        GVS transducer protectors are manufactured with fully automated assembly technology, and the sealing is done without any glues or solvents – they are ultrasonically welded. Automatic testing machines keep the manufacturing process consistent and guarantee superior quality.

        The wide range of available media (PTFE or acrylic membranes) provides high flexibility and covers almost any requirement of the market.

        Because of our wide choice of shapes (Flat TP, TP "bell" shape and TP "dome") and the very different type of materials and media used, the GVS transducer protector line is suitable in any blood line or other medical device.

        Available membrane sizes are from 0.02 to 10 micron. Pressure isolator with flexibe diaphragm are available for open heart surgery.


        width: 27.40 mm; length: 21.50 mm
        Effective Filtration Area
        3.6 cm2
        Ref. Standard
        ISO 8638
        Inlet / Outlet Connections
        Inlet: FLS Female Luer Slip; Outlet: MLS Male Luer Slip
        Assembly Method
        Sterilization Compatibility


        • Hemodialysis

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of TP032 are available.

        Product Variants

        1 available result

        1. TP032ANAV002AA02
          Transducer Protector TP32 - PVC/0.2 µm PTFE - clear/clear
          Air flow
          >55 ml/min
          Assembly method
          Bacterial retention
          Brevundimonas diminuta
          Box dimension
          60x40x25 cm
          Box quantity
          Box weight
          13.5 kg
          Effective filtration area (cm²)
          Filter material
          Filtration efficiency
          Housing material
          Inlet / outlet
          "Inlet: FLS Female Luer Slip Outlet: MLS Male Luer Slip"
          Length (mm)
          Maximum operating temperature
          Pore size (µm)
          Pressure (bar)
          3.2 bar
          <0.25 EU/ml
          Ref. standard
          ISO 8638
          Water breakthrough
          1 bar/1 minute
          Weight (g)
          Width (mm)

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