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        Custumer stories - ICI Caldaie

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        ICI Caldaie Spa is an Italian company founded in 1958 in Verona as a manufacturing company for the production of high-water content steel boilers. Currently, it is a world leader in the design and production of complete thermal systems with high-tech thermal systems.

        During 2022, it began a partnership with RPB filter solution company which is part of the GVS Group - to improve the performance of the devices in use without forgetting the welfare of its workers, as the company is ISO 45001 certified.

        Andrea Ortolan - HSE Manager and RSPP of ICI Boilers Spa - describes the collaboration as follows:

        “GVS supported us in the implementation phase of the new PX5 PAPR systems, guaranteeing excellent filtration performance for respiratory tract protection and new comfort for the workers given by the continuous air intake inside the helmet during operating activities, thus reducing the risk of heat stress. […] After a few months, analysing the operators' feedback, we can be truly satisfied with the choice we made and to have GVS as a partner with which we are designing new solutions.”

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        Customer Stories - ICI Caldaie