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        The new GVS Research Project in cooperation with the Emilia Romagna region

        Team of scientists working in a laboratory

        The Emilia Romagna region has allocated a fund of almost 31.5 million euros through the call "Attrazione degli investimenti in Emilia-Romagna", with the aim of generating 77 million euros of investments and hiring 733 new employees.

        25 projects are presented by 19 groups and companies, ranging from sustainable mobility to train safety, artificial intelligence, and medical devices to support extracorporeal circulation in neonatal age and in cardiac surgery operations.

        Among these, GVS presented a research and innovation project of the duration of 2 years, focused on advanced filtration solutions for healthcare, energy, and safety.

        In addition, GVS will set up a research center, called "GVS Membrane Open Lab", which aims to become, as well as a center of excellence worldwide in design and construction of filter membranes, also a real hub of knowledge on the subject of materials for hi-end filtration, in the field in which researchers from the most different realities will be able to pool ideas and skills, using state-of-the-art infrastructures, to develop increasingly performing and innovative solutions.

        The total investment, estimated at around 4 million euros, will be supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region with a non-repayable grant of 2 million euros and will involve the hiring of new qualified personnel for at least 22 units.

        The investment program is part of the broader production and commercial growth strategy of the GVS Group, which envisages a significant expansion in the Bologna area, and in other key areas worldwide.