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        Company Profile - GVS

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        In over 40 years of history, GVS has evolved from a supplier of components for the healthcare sector to a global Group that produces highly technological diversified filtration solutions.

        The Group has always paid great attention to research, development and innovation of its products and processes and has shown a strong trend towards development in global markets since its foundation.

        In addition to the Corporate headquarters in Bologna, GVS currently has 19 plants in Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, United States, China, Mexico, Romania e Puerto Rico, and 29 commercial offices located all over the world.

        GVS has always adopted a “glocal” approach: it operates locally in contact with its customers, but relies on the strength of a global network.


        1. 1979 GVS was founded in Bologna - Italy
        2. 3 Divisions
        3. More than 3.7 Billion Pieces produced in 2022
        4. 4869 Employees worldwide
        5. 19 Manufacturing plants
        6. 29 Offices worldwide
        7. 9 R&D Centers
        8. 58 Patent families