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        Shareholders' Meetings

        Documents in this section might be available in Italian only
        Shareholders' Meetings
        Regolamento Assembleare [ITALIAN ONLY]

        1. Notice of call Shareholders' meeting 28.04.2022
        2. Report on item 3 of the agenda - Authorization to purchase and dispose of treasury shares, subject to revocation of the authorization granted by the Shareholder's meeting of April 27, 2021, for the part that remained unexecuted
        3. Report on item 4 of the agenda - Report on the proposal to adjust the compensation of the Independent Auditors' for FYs 2021-2028
        4. Item 4 of the agenda - Board of Statutory Auditors' Proposal
        5. Information on share capital amount pursuant to 125 quater, par. 1, lett. c) D.lgs. 58/98
        6. Proxy to the Designated Representative pursuant to art. 135 undecies D.lgs. 58/98
        7. Proxy pursuant to art. 135 novies D.lgs. 58/98
        8. Notice pubblication of documentation March 28, 2022
        9. Item 1 of the Agenda - Report by the Board of Directors on Financial Statements as of 31 December 2021 and proposed allocation of period profit
        10. Item 2 of the Agenda - Report of the Board of Directors on the Remuneration Policy
        11. Annual Financial Report 2021
        12. Annual Financial Report 2021 - ESEF
        13. Consolidated Non Financial Declaration 2021
        14. Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership structure 2021
        15. Report on Remuneration Policy and compensation paid 2022
        16. Notice publication of Documentation April 6, 2022
        17. Summary Report of the votes on the agenda of the Shareholders' Meeting
        18. Minutes of the Shareholders' meeting and report

        1. Notice of call of the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting
        2. Directors' explanatory report on items in the agenda
        3. Proxy form to the Designated Representative
        4. Proxy/sub-proxy form to the Designated Representative
        5. Proposal No. 1 - remuneration of the regular members of the Board of Auditors submitted by the shareholder GVS Group S.p.A.
        6. Annual Financial Report 2020
        7. Report on corporate governance and ownership structure
        8. Report on remuneration policy and compensations paid
        9. Non-financial Disclosure
        10. Press release Shareholders' meeting decisions
        11. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting Held On 27th April 2021
        12. Minutes of the Ordinary Shareholders' meeting on 27th April 2021