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        1. Notice: Publication of Documentation
        2. The GVS BoD approved the consolidated results as at 30 June 2022
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        3. Haemotronic Acquisition closing
        4. Notice of pubblication
        5. GVS Haemotronic's Acquisition - AUDIO
        6. GVS Haemotronic Acquisition Analyst Presentation
        7. GVS Acquisition of 100% of the Italian Group Haemotronic - Integration of the Press Release
        8. GVS acquires 100% of the Italian Group Haemotronic, leader in the production of components in the medical and pharmaceutical industries for 212 million euro
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        9. The GVS BoD approved the consolidated results as at 31 March 2022
        10. GVS Shareholders' Meeting approves 2021 Financial Statements
        11. Notice on total amount of voting rights
        12. Notice pubblication of documentation
        13. The Board of Directors convenes the shareholders' meeting for Thursday 28 April 2022
        14. The GVS Board of Directors approved the 2021 consolidated results and the draft financial statements as at 31 December 2021
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        15. Acquisition of Shanghai Transfusion Technology Co. Ltd. completed a strategic opportunity for GVS to fully enter the Chinese healthcare market
        16. Conclusion of the first part of the treasury shares purchase program
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        17. Share buyback information
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        18. Share buyback information
        19. 2022 Corporate Events Calendar
        20. Share buyback information

        1. 3F Buyback Dicember 2021
        2. Share buyback information
        3. Share buyback information
        4. GVS Acquires 100% of the Shanghai Transfusion Technology Co., LTD.
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        5. Share buyback information
        6. Share buyback information
        7. 3F Buyback November 2021
        8. Share buyback information
        9. Share buyback information
        10. Share buyback information
        11. Notice of Publication of Documents
        12. GVS Approves consolidated results to 30 September 2021
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        13. Share buyback information
        14. 3F Buyback October 2021
        15. Share buyback information
        16. Share buyback information
        17. Share buyback information
        18. GVS Launches treasury share buyback programme
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        19. GVS Approves consolidated results to 30 June 2021 revenues up 29.7%, EBITDA margin at 37.9%
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        20. GVS Acquires 100% of the RPB Group, an American player specialised in the design and production of respiratory protection devices, and completes its product range in the world of professional masks
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        21. GVS Approves consolidated results as at 31 March 2021
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        22. The GVS BOD approves the 2020 financial statement: revenues up 60%, strong growth in Group profitability and solid increase in all key economic and financial indicators
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        23. 2021 Corporate Events Calendar
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        1. GVS Approves the consolidated results at 30 September 2020 revenue up 49.6% and marked growth of the Group’s profit margin
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        2. The BOD of GVS approves the first half 2020 results revenue at 30 June 2020 up 25% and considerable growth in profit margin
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        3. Completion of the Closing of the acquisition of Haemonetics Puerto Rico, LLC
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        4. 2020 Corporate Events Calendar
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        5. GVS Announces the agreement to acquire Puerto Rico-based manufacturing operations of Haemonetics