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        Environmental, Social and Governance

        Our commitment to a sustainable future

        The Group is aware of its social, environmental, and economic impact and pays special attention to these themes, going beyond compliance with current regulations.

        The commitment to sustainability and the attention to the territory and to the people, consolidated over the years, is summarized in our Non-financial Disclosure 2022, which includes all the elements that distinguish us in relation to environmental and social issues: the code of ethics; the requirements for the suppliers; the certifications; the use of good practices from the environmental point of view, both in the business and in the corporate structure; the compliance to health and safety standards, the development and training of the employees.

        Massimo Scagliarini CEO GVS Group
        The ability to do business in an innovative and sustainable way, facilitate the ecological transition and enhance the value of people are one of the pillars of GVS Group's strategy.
        Massimo Scagliarini, CEO GVS Group