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        Corporate Social Responsibility


        GVS adopts environmental, social and governance policies aimed at constantly increasing the Group's sustainability.

        Ecovadis CSR Rating Silver

        GVS S.p.A., conscious of the role and responsibility that a Company plays in relation to the community, its people and the local area, has always considered social commitment to be an important priority, conducted with the same attitude with which the company carries out its work and is inspired by the same values and principles.

        To this end, GVS has supported and continues to support various organizations and associations involved in helping those in difficulty and in aiding research, while also paying attention to local charitable and no-profit organisations.

        Over the years, the number of initiatives has increased and GVS’s social activities have expanded, becoming an integral part of the Group’s work.

        Among the entities to which GVS SpA has decided to make its contribution, we mention:

        • Fondazione Il Bene - Onlus, which is committed to research in the field of rare neurological and neuroimmune diseases, with a particular focus on new diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies.
        • Fondazione per la Ricerca sulla Fibrosi Cistica - Onlus.
        • Save the Children, an organization whose main purpose is to save children, safeguard them and guarantee their development.
        • Croce Verde in Valsamoggia and the Fire Brigade.
        • The Public Assistance Association Gruppo Volontario di Soccorso Valle Lavino - Onlus.
        • The National Cancer Association (ANT) - the largest no-profit organization for specialist home care for cancer patients and free prevention.
        • Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Parente, a no-profit organization that promotes sports for people with disabilities.  
        • Canoa Club Bologna - CCBO, a sports association of canoe and kayak. This Club organizes outdoor activities with people with disabilities.

        During the Coronavirus emergency, GVS offered support to the local communities where the Group operates by donating part of its production of personal protective masks.

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