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        Uniform Nano-filtration Membranes for reproducible results


        What are Track Etched Membranes?

        GVS Track Etched Membranes are made from a thin polycarbonate or polyester film with precisely defined pores.

        Known as Polycarbonate Track Etched (PCTE) or Polyester Track Etched (PETE) membranes, these unique membranes are highly customizable and allow for specific control over both pore density and size, which lies in the microns to nanometer range. This ensures that the physical properties of each membrane precisely match the desired specifications.

        The resulting membrane is a thin film with a smooth, flat surface. All particles larger than the pore size are captured on its surface.

        What advantages do they provide over standard polymeric porous membranes?

        Standard membranes provide nominal pore sizes with a very wide distribution on a thicker membrane.

        Track Etched Membranes provide an absolute pore size with an extremely narrow distribution on a very thin membrane. This allows for a significantly higher particle recovery rate when compared to the standard membranes.

        Additionally, the uniform distribution provides reproducible results across all phases of product development and production.

        What are the applications where filtering the nanoparticles?

        Track Etched Membranes are ideally suited for use in cellular-based filtration assays as well as filtration applications where high purity is required.

        These membranes are recommended for electron microscopy of nanoparticles and polymers, removal of red blood cells from plasma, size separation of ribosome or size separation during powder production, and capture of nanoparticles in the air.

        For additional information, please visit:

        Polyester Track Etched PETE Membrane


        Hasan Mohammad, Sales, GVS USA

        Michele Monna, BDM LS Southern Europe, GVS Italy