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        • ABLUO® Supreme Syringe Filters, image 1
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        ABLUO® Supreme Syringe Filters

        Multilayers Syringe filters including graded pre-filters for filtering larger sample volumes quickly.

        Excellent solution for filtering samples with high particulate content.

        Designed to enable easy filtration of hard-to-filter samples larger than 10ml.


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        • Easily separate sediment and grit from samples
        • Two layers of pre-filter allow for the use of less force, making filtration faster and easier for lab technicians
        • Ensuring high-quality filtration by supporting viscous and heaviest sediment filtration, resulting in a pure sample every time
        • A full portfolio of products with various pore sizes, sterility options, and membranes are available
        • One ABLUO® SUPREME in the place of 3 (or more) standard syringe filters
        • By using the ABLUO® SUPREME, you reduce the use of plastic


        Membrane Diameter
        Housing Diameter
        Housing Material
        Clear Polypropylene
        Maximum Operating Temperature


        • Sterile Filtration and Clarification
        • Analytical Sample Prep, uHPLC
        • Cell Culture
        • Protein Chemistry
        • Filtration of Aqueous and Alcohol Solutions
        • IC Chromatography
        Multilayers Syringe filters
        Multilayers Syringe filters