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        Adhesive Venting Patch

        GVS adhesive ventilation patch are designed to protect electronic and electric assembly components from contaminants like water, particles, dust, oil and other automotive fluids. At the same time they allow the air to pass freely through the filter media by providing enhanced condensation reduction and pressure equalization within the parts enclosures that are often exposed to rapid temperature fluctuations, causing extreme changes in internal pressure.

        Thanks to the different types of GVS membranes available, the customers can choose the best solution in terms of performance, quality and price.

        Small pore size reduces liquid penetration speed through the filter due to slow airflow, while larger pore size lets liquids pass through faster and easily reduces retention performance. Key functional properties, different pore size, particular environmental conditions and specific surface tension of a fluid should be considered before choosing the proper filter media for a given application.

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        • Wide range of typical airflow and Water Breakthrough rates available
        • Hydrophobic and oleophobic membranes
        • Different IP rating degrees of protection
        • Different operating temperature resistance range
        • Compatible with water, automotive fluids, and other road contaminant


        High level of flexibility
        ready to be used and easy to be applied
        High level of customization
        different shapes and dimensions available upon request


        • Vehicle Lighting systems
        • Electric power boxes
        • ECU
        • Sensors and Actuators
        • Horns
        • ABS brake systems