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        • Bacticell Enviro-Carb Filters, image 1

        Bacticell Enviro-Carb Filters

        Bacticell Enviro-Carb has a dual element, with a fibreglass filter on one side and a carbon filter on the back. This removes dust, odours and gases from the environment.

        Typical applications include airports, city centre buildings, museums and art galleries.

        Thanks to its ability to remove sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide, it provides high protection inside the building.


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        • Interchangeable with standard size pocket filters
        • Individually tested Bacti-G impregnated materials kill up to 99% of moulds, bacteria and viruses on contact
        • Large filter surface area reduces energy consumption and increases filter life
        • Flat housing design allows for flexibility and easier access in tight spaces during installation


        F7 / F8
        Filtering media
        Glass fiber
        Frame material
        Replacement cells and side supports


        • AHU (Air Handling Unit)