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        Battery Anti-Explosion Vent

        As mobility is changing to electric and hybrid vehicles, battery systems are acquiring a leading role in the mobility industry. To power these vehicles, rechargeable batteries are arranged in modules and packs offering a high ratio of energy per unit volume. These new battery systems need robust protection from harsh external contaminants such as water, dirt and oil, along with adequate venting to compensate the pressure differences between the interior of the storage unit and the external environment.

        To improve battery systems life and increase their safety, GVS has developed specific Battery Anti-Explosion Vents. These devices have two integrated functions. First, they guarantee adequate pressure equalization and protection against the entrance of external contaminants, such as oil, water and dust, during normal operating conditions. In addition, thanks to a patented GVS design, they guarantee fast gas evacuation during a thermal runaway event, without affecting the functionalities of the membrane which keeps its integrity. Therefore, it is a dual-stage solution valve that prevents the damage of the battery housing and enables a quick restoration of controlled pressure equalization.

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        • Enhanced ventilation during thermal runaway event
        • Pressure equalization during normal operating condition
        • Protection against water, dirt, contaminants, and other automotive fluids
        • Hydrophobic and oleophobic membranes
        • Different IP ratings of protection


        Body material
        Vent body made of PBT
        O-ring material
        EPDM or Silicone depending on specific customer and temperature requirements
        High level of flexibility
        ready to be used and quick to be assembled
        Easy installation
        integration into existing equipment without additional parts needed
        available upon customer request
        Flammability rate
        UL94 V0


        • Battery Packs and Modules for MHEVs, HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs
        • Battery Packs and Modules Off-Road, Material Handling and Marine Vehicles, Electric Aircrafts, Energy Storage Systems