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        • Battery Cell Separator EV & ESS, image 1
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        Battery Cell Separator EV & ESS

        The battery separator is a porous polymeric membrane needed to avoid the direct contact between the anode and the cathode of a battery cell. It is one of the most important elements stored inside the battery cell, together with the anode, the cathode and the electrolyte liquid.

        The role of the battery separator inside a battery is crucial, in particular for what concerns the safety: in fact, if there is a contact between the anode and the cathode, an uncontrolled flow of ions and electrons can cause a short-circuit that generates an explosion! Moreover, the separator prevents the growth of dendrites, lithium metal structures that could form during the discharging process of the battery and that can create a contact between the anode and cathode. The separator lets only the lithium-ions pass from the positive to the negative pole and viceversa, generating electricity.

        Thanks to its experience and knowledge related to this kind of materials, GVS can offer its clients an highly customizable battery separator, accordingly to the target performance requested by the customer.

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        • High conductivity
        • High porosity
        • High wettability
        • Mechanical flexibility
        • Chemically stable
        • High capacity even at very high temperatures
        • High performance in power applications


        Composite structure
        Fluorinated polymer reinforced with PET
        Highly Customizable
        it is compatible with different types of electrolytes, anode and cathode materials
        High safety
        it guarantees the thermal shutdown


        • E-mobility
        • Energy Storage Systems
        • Li-Ion Batteries
        • Supercapacitors