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        • C40™ Climate Control Device, image 1
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        C40™ Climate Control Device

        The RPB C40 is a robust climate control device, designed to give you ultimate comfort when using your RPB supplied air respirator.

        The C40 ensures you're protected for life’s best moments by maintaining you at your optimum body temperature, so you don’t suffer from heat exhaustion or chilling. With its simple sleek design, cool incoming air by up to 52°F (29°C) or alternatively, heat it by up to 33°F (18°C) all by the slide of a lever.

        This device is the next step for maximizing your productivity and safety.

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        • Includes:
          C40 Climate Control Device
          Durable FR or Nylon belt
        • Easily control your temperature with the slide of a lever.
        • Made from lightweight, robust materials - weighs 11.6 ounces (329g), including belt.
        • Increase or decrease the airflow by turning the flow control dial. 
        • Choose from a range of plugs to suit your application.
        • Air inlet swivels 360˚ to ensure the device sits comfortably on your hip.


        Certified to
        NIOSH and EN
        Compatible with
        NV3-705-50, 17-115-12, 17-015-12, 17-210-32, 16-015-11,15-015-21


        • Welding/grinding
        • Painting/coating
        • Blasting