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        • Elipse Integra® ABE1P3 Respirator, image 1
        • Elipse Integra® ABE1P3 Respirator, image 2

        Elipse Integra® ABE1P3 Respirator

        with replacement filters

        Compact, lightweight and flexible design which adapts and fits perfectly to the face and offers a unique and innovative combined protection, reducing risks of non-compatibility, non-conformity and mist build-up. Large central non-return exhalation valve which reduces the breathing resistance for the user and keeps moisture build-up inside the mask to a minimum.

        Lightweight, non-slip strap that is easily adjusted in 4 positions for improved comfort and to allow safe use even in high humidity or wet conditions.

        Elipse Integra come in 2 sizes, S/M & M/L:
        SPR583 S/M Elipse Integra Mask with ABE1P3 filters
        SPR584 M/L Elipse Integra Mask with ABE1P3 filters
        SPR582 Replacement filters ABE1P3


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        The lens is designed in Polycarbonate and can withstand 120 m per second impacts. The coating applied meets (N) Anti Fog and exceeds the standard (K) anti-scratch coating seen on the market for a longer durability.

        Elipse Integra is compatible with the current Elipse filter range.


        EN140: 1998 Mask Body. EN14387: 2004 + A1: 2008 ABE1P3 R D. EN166 Class 1.B. K.N. (Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch).CE 2797.
        P3 >99,95% for 0,3 μm particulate. At 1000 pmm: Cyclohexane >70 minutes . Chlorine>20 minutes. Hydrogen sulphide > 40 minutes. Hydrogen cyanide >25 minutes. Sulphur dioxide >20 minutes.
        Medical grade TPE Conforms to ISO 10993-10: 2010 for irritations. Mask body latex and silicone free, odour free. Valve Body in Nylon, Inhalation/Exhalation diaphragm in Silicone. 4 point adjustable elasticated head and neck strap with comfort pad in TPE.
        Gas Filters: activated carbon sealed into a ABS Shell. Particulate filters: mechanical type multi-layer HESPA Synthetic media with TPE flexible overmolded / encapsulated. Particulate filters are integrated permanently with the carbon element.
        Storage Life
        5 years for masks and filters.


        • Welding (Metal Fumes and Dust in confined space (gas welding)
        • Construction (Paint, Moulds)
        • Car & Ship Repair (Epoxite, Paint, Solvants)
        • Manufacturing (Solvents, Various Organic Gases)
        • Agricolture (Pesticides)