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        Engine Air Intake Filters

        Air filters are a key component of the veichle and are used to clean the air that goes into the engine as required for effective combustion.

        The air filter removes abrasive particles from the entry air ensuring combustion occur in the best possible conditions maintaining the optimal fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

        Without the proper combustion, fuel mileage and power are both reduced.

        GVS provides air filters that meet the manufacturer’s specification exceeding the market standards, and providing optimal performance and particle blocking power.

        The GVS cleanable air filter line targets high flow needs for the high performance passenger car and truck aftermarket.

        The reusable filter can be washed and reused with guaranteed continued filter performance; eliminating expense of frequent filter replacement or use of recharge oiling kits.

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        • Reduced System Components
        • Integrated Noise/Vibration Dampening
        • Serviceability
        • UL for flammability resistance and flame retardancy
        • Water repellency
        • Washable without added treatments and reusable
        • Carbon additives for odor absorption


        plastic frames and urethane flexible frames
        Adhesive-free Paper
        to Plastic bonding
        Filtration Medias
        including cellulose, synthetics, laminate multi-layer, flame retardant, water resistant


        • Passenger cars and light duty truck applications
        • Outdoor Power Equipment: Lawn mowers, power washers, snow blowers, generators and commercial equipment
        • Power Sports: Motorcycle, ATV & SUV, Marine