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        Fan Coil Filters

        GVS Fancoil filters are an excellent alternative to the classic galvanised sheet metal cell. They are an economic and environmentally friendly solution.

        The internal frame is reusable, so disposal, maintenance and replacement costs will be reduced by up to 70%.

        Thanks to its design, the air tightness is more effective than a traditional metal cell.

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        • Low weight.
        • Ideal for applications with large particulate pollutants.
        • Wide range of standard filter sizes and depths available.
        • Incinerable version.


        Fan Coil filters
        Filter Media
        Synthetic fiber
        Frame material
        available upon request


        • Fan Coil

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of Fan Coil Filters are available.

        Product Variants

        7 available results

        1. 80.023.0001.00.AA
          Stitched Periframe NF155 - (110 X 270mm)
          Storage Life
          2 Years
        2. 80.023.0002.00.AA
          Stitched Periframe NF155 - (145 X 695mm)
          Storage Life
          2 Years
        3. 80.023.0003.00.AA
          Stitched Periframe NF155 - (180 X 650mm)
          Storage Life
          2 Years
        4. 80.023.0004.00.AA
          Stitched Periframe NF155 - (180 X 960mm)
          Storage Life
          2 Years
        5. 80.023.0005.00.AA
          Stitched Periframe NF155 - (185 X 1250mm)
          Storage Life
          2 Years
        6. 80.023.0006.00.AA
          Stitched Periframe NF155 - (185 X 460mm)
          Storage Life
          2 Years
        7. 80.023.0007.00.AA
          Stitched Periframe NF155 - (185 X 650mm)
          Storage Life
          2 Years

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