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        Fuel Tank & Fuel Pump Filters

        Fuel filters are incorporated in the automotive fuel tank to protect the fuel pump from debris and contaminants present in the fuel. Electric fuel pumps are placed directly inside the fuel tank to supply the engine with controlled fuel flow and injection pressure. Fuel filters are key in reducing wear on the fuel system components and ensuring consistent fuel flow can be maintained to the engine. Today’s engines require more fuel flow and cleaner fuel to achieve higher standards in emissions control and fuel economy and engine performance. 
        GVS is the premier supplier to the fuel system manufacturers, supplying innovative filtration technologies that provided enhanced performance and protection to the fuel system and the engine.

        GVS Test Procedures follow International Standards such as:
        SAE J 1985, SAE J 905 ISO 19438, ISO 4020, ISO 4548-12, JIS D1608.

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        • Range of filtration media: from 7 to 300 micron
        • Superior capacity. Multi-layer media and tri-dimensional filtration surface
        • Extended durability and extreme flexibility
        • Bent Filters for maximum area usage
        • Integrated Noise/VibratioDampeningn Dampening
        • ESD Static management
        • Exceptional Fuel Handling and sloshing performance in Low Fuel conditions
        • Diesel Cold Start Management


        Range of filtration media
        from 7 to 300 micron
        Fast design solutions
        with customized high-speed prototyping
        Strong cross technology
        to increase performances and reduce the costs of their final products
        First innovative Gradient Density filtration media for In-Tank Fuel Filtration
        ensuring the high performances and cost benefits
        Excellent barrier properties to protect parts from damage
        enabling improvements and sustainability
        Higher efficiency
        without negative effects on pressure drop or filter life


        • Fuel Delivery Modules
        • Fuel Tanks
        • Diesel Fuel Systems
        • In tank electrical fuel suction pump