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        With the philosophy in mind to give full service to our customers, in 2001 GVS developed a full plastic gear line to be used in automotive applications.

        Today plastic molded gears are showing new potentials and new advantages that can be exploited, since they can be easily used for applications that cannot be served by metal gears.

        Inspection equipment is now capable of measuring these unique parts with great precision.

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        The great GVS’ experience in different polymers can help customer in choosing the best plastic for their specific applications.

        Through an innovative Machine, GVS is able to provide a fully automatic 100% inspection.

        By measuring the complete gear, the rolling test allows GVS total quality (100% check) control production for several kind of gears in plastic as well as metal shafts with toothed co-molded sector for DBW (Drive by-wire), middle gears and pinion gear technologies for automotive.   


        Different plastic polymers
        available upon request
        Gears and Diameters
        completely customizable
        Transmission accuracy
        due to the minimum loss of power in the gear
        High durability
        100% inspection
        continuos torque transmission


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