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        Injector Filters

        25 years of GVS injection systems filtration experience meets the quality requirements of the most demanding automotive manufacturers worldwide. Our injector filter is credited for delivering higher torque and improved vehicle fuel economy.

        Starting from the research stage and design of the product on an experimental level, right up to large-scale production, GVS has acquired vast experience in injection technology and has become a leading firm at the international level in the construction of very high-volume injector filters for low, medium, and high-pressure fuel injector systems.

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        • Filter materials used to range between 8 and 100 micron
        • Screen in PA, PE, PPS, and stainless steel to offer different flow capacities according to the specifications required by the final product
        • Patented design
        • Very high filter surface, even in extremely small spaces, respecting the specifications or increasing the performance of the product up to 30%
        • Quality and experience acquired in the sector enable innovative solutions


        The functional objectives of fuel injection systems can vary depending on a design decision for particular system optimization such as
        power output, fuel efficiency, emissions performance, ability to accommodate alternative fuels, durability, reliability, drivability and smooth operation.


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