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        • Kit PX5® PAPR FR, image 1
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        Kit PX5® PAPR FR

        The RPB PX5® changes the way people experience clean filtered air across multiple industries – from medical and chemical settings, through to the profoundly harsh environments of foundries.

        The PX5 is the result of years of product refinement, designed with new functional capabilities that increase your ability to perform, while enhancing your experience of comfort. The PX5 redefines what it means to be a powered air purifying respirator.

        Weighing just 1.16 kg with the HEPA cartridge/filter fitted, and between 1.65 kg and 1.7 kg with a gas cartridge/filter fitted, the PX5 allows you to get more out of your day by reducing the effects of fatigue. Through strategically distributing its weight with its vertical mounting position and support from our flexi-belt system, the PX5 contours to your body for maximized comfort and stability.

        With sleek considered surfaces, quick release mount lock system and certification for IP65 in use, the PX5 enables you to efficiently disinfect the unit, reducing downtime and ensuring the system is ready to protect you again.

        The PX5 is truly the hallmark of powered air purifying respirator capabilities and their practical application.

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        • PX5 PAPR FR includes:
          Belt Supports
          2 Inch FR Belt
          Flow Tester
          US Battery Charger Kit
        • Lightweight, easy to use PAPR that is compatible with P100 particulate filters. 
        • The PX5 PAPR can be used with either a belt or backpack mount.
        • The battery sits inside the unit protecting from moisture when cleaning and will not disconnect or bump off while operating.
        • The PX5 has 3 fan speeds ranging from 170L per min to 240L per min.


        Certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-21-C1121, TC-21C-1122, TC-21C-1123, TC-21C-1125, TC-21C-1126, TC-21C-1127, TC-21C-1128, TC-21C-1129, TC-21C-1139, TC-21C-1140, TC-23C-3691, TC-23C-3692, TC-23C-3693, TC-23C-3694, TC-23C-3695, TC-23C-3696,
        Certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-23C-3700, TC-23C-3701, TC-23C-3702, TC-23C-3703, TC-23C-3704, TC-23C-3705, TC-23C-3706, TC-23C-3707, TC-23C-3708, TC-23C-3709, TC-23C-3710, TC-23C-3711, TC-23C-3712, TC-21C-1199, TC-21C-1200, TC-21C-1201
        Certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-21C-1209, TC-23C-3725, TC-23C-3726, TC-23C-3727, TC-23C-3728, TC-23C-3729, TC-23C-3730, TC-23C-3731, TC-23C-3732, TC-23C-3733, TC-23C-3734, TC-23C-3735, TC-23C-3736, TC-23C-3737
        Certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-23C-3738, TC-23C-3739, TC-23C-3740, TC-23C-3741, TC-23C-3742, TC-23C-3743, TC-23C-3744, TC-23C-3745, TC-23C-3746
        Certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-21C-1202, TC-21C-1203, TC-21C-1204, TC-23C-3697, TC-23C-3698, TC-23C-3699


        • Welding and Grinding (Metal fumes and Dust)
        • Construction (Silica Dust, Abestos, Concrete Dust, Stone Dust, Aggregate Dust, Wood Dust, Cement Dust, Mold)
        • Mining (Coal Dust and Silica Dust)
        • Manufacturing (Glass Fibres, Composite Fibres, Lead Fumes)
        • Food (Poultry, Diary Powders, Spices, Grain Dust)
        • Pharmaceutical (Powders, Viruses)