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        Lighting Vent Cap

        GVS Lighting filters are designed to protect mechatronic and automotive headlights, rear-lights and fog lamp, from contaminants like water, particles, dust, oil and other automotive fluids.

        At the same time they allow the air to pass freely through the filter media by providing enhanced condensation reduction and pressure equalization within the parts enclosures that are often exposed to rapid temperature fluctuations, causing extreme changes in internal pressure.

        There are different filter colors available (grey, black, blue, and brown): each different color is characterized by a different type of membrane.

        The customers can choose the best solution in terms of performance based on the key functional properties and particular environmental conditions for a given application.

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        More than 60 different types of membranes allow GVS clients to choose the best solution in terms of performance, quality and price.

        GVS’ experience of industrial production in the membrane sector dates back 30 years, the wide range of innovative patents makes GVS become the market’s main point of reference for very high-volume productions.


        Different range of air flow and Water Breakthrough rates
        Operating temperature
        -40°C to +125 °C (higher temperature resistance types available upon request)
        Cap body
        Filter media
        membrane or woven non woven
        Vent body
        Compatible with
        water, automotive fluids and other road contaminant. Ready to be used and versatile and easy to install


        • Vehicles lighting systems
        • Electronic power boxes
        • Innovative mechatronics