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        • LightWave™ - ECL HRP, image 1

        LightWave™ - ECL HRP

        Western blotting substrate

        LightWave™ is our product line of ECL HRP substrates for Western blotting.

        Our double enhancer proprietary technology allows for modulation of signal intensity and signal duration.

        Each LightWave™ substrate is at the top of its respective market segment regarding performance/price ratio.


        Western Blot General Protocol
        Application Note
        General Manual
        Molecular Biology Production Collection

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        All LightWave substrates are:

        • Stable for 1 year at RT   
        • Low picogram detection
        • Ideal for routinary analysis
        • Working solution stable for at least three days
        • The best entry level ECL substrate on the market
        • Signal duration 5 hours

        LightWave™ has:

        Signal intensity: medium
        Signal duration: medium 
        Protein abundance: high    
        Storage/expiry: one year at room temperature (max. 25°C)    


        two-fold dilution series of Hela whole cell lysate (abcam®) from 5 μg to 0.078 μg of total protein
        Primary antibody
        rabbit-anti Human HDAC-1 (abcam®) 1:2000
        Secondary antibody
        goat anti-rabbit IgG HRP (2mg/mL) (abcam®) 1:20000
        Exposure time
        180 seconds
        Compatible with
        all chemiluminescence imagers and X-ray film detection
        Optimized for
        attaining low background and high signal to noise ratio


        • Western Blotting

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of LightWave™ - ECL HRP are available.

        Product Variants

        2 available results

        1. LightWave™ Western blotting substrate 10ml
          LightWave™ Western blotting substrate 10ml
          LightWave™ Western blotting substrate 10ml
        2. LightWave™ Western blotting substrate 250ml
          LightWave™ Western blotting substrate 250ml
          LightWave™ Western blotting substrate 250ml