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        Liquid Media

        Ready-to-use media considerably reduces the preparation time in quality control laboratories and also effectively reduces the risks of cross-contamination.

        GVS is cooperating closely with quality assurance managers in the industry in the development of its own media and test kits.

        This intensive product development has produced a range of products that is being used to monitor production plants and conduct microbiological checks on raw materials through to final product release in laboratories.


        TDS 10496710
        TDS 10496709
        TDS 10496714

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        EC Broth with MUG
        is used to detect Escherichia coli in water, milk and food. The presence of fluorescence using a long-wave UV light source confirms the presence of Escherichia coli and no further confirmation is required. MUG detects anaerogenic strains, which may not be detected in the conventional procedure. Lactose is a source of energy. Casein peptone provides additional nutrients. The mixture of bile salts is inhibiting for gram-positive bacteria, particularly bacilli and fecal streptococci. The substrate 4-methylumbelliferyl-b-D-glucuronide is hydrolyzed by an enzyme, b-glucuronidase, possessed by most Escherichia coli and a few strains of Salmonella, Shigella and Yersinia, to produce a fluorescent end product, 4-methylumbelliferone

        Brilliant Green Bile Broth 2%
        is used to detect coliforms in water, milk and other samples. BGBB contains two inhibitors of both gram-positive and selected gram-negative organisms, namely, oxgall and brilliant green dye. Fermentation is detected by gas production.

        EC Broth
        EC (Escherichia coli) Broth is used to detect coliforms and E. coli. EC Broth contains casein peptone as a source of nutrients. Lactose provides the carbohydrate fermented by coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli. In addition, lactose-positive bacteria metabolize lactose with gas formation. Gram-positive bacteria are inhibited by the mixture of bile salts.


        Ready-to-use media
        reduces the preparation time in quality control laboratories.
        the risks of cross contamination.

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of Liquid Media are available.

        Product Variants

        3 available results

        1. 10496709
          EC With MUG, Bottled Broth
          Box quantity
        2. 10496710
          Brilliant Green Bile Bottled Broth, With Durham Tubes
          Box quantity
        3. 10496714
          EC Bottled Broth, With Durham Tubes
          Box quantity

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