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        Loose Fill Panels

        GVS produces a wide range of carbon panels, according to the dimensions and specifications required by the customer.

        The housings have PVC structures, the inside of the filter is divided into cells to optimise air flow and reduce the movement of the carbon granules.

        Low-resistance pads are welded to the top and bottom of the filter to form a watertight panel.

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        Filter Housing:

        The filter housings are made of PVC. The carbon is placed in the filter housing in special cells. Gaskets and handles are fitted on request. Depending on the type of laboratory fume hood, support handles, castors or rails are also available.

        Active carbon:

        Specially selected classes of carbons, including normal and chemically impregnated carbons, are used to ensure effective filtration to ensure the absorption of organic and inorganic substances to be removed.


        carbon panels
        Filter Media
        activated carbons
        Frame material
        available upon request
        EPDM gaskets, Hangar, Binary, Handles


        • GP: General removal of organic compound (solvents, odours, organic acids, etc.).
        • GRD: CLEAPPS filter approved for use in schools (organic, acid and alkaline removal)
        • AMM: Removal of compounds containing ammonia & amines (and organic substances in general)
        • ACI: Removal of inorganic acids and organic substances in general (including sulphur compounds)
        • FOR: Removal of Formaldehyde (and organic substances in general)

        Product Variants

        Multiple versions of Loose Fill Panels are available.

        Product Variants

        3 available results

        1. 60.001.0433.06.AA
          Storage Life
          2 Years
        2. 60.001.0434.03.AA
          Storage Life
          2 Years
        3. 60.001.0442.06.AA
          Storage Life
          2 Years