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        OEM Fume Extraction Filters

        GVS offers an OEM filter solution for manufacturers of appliance devices, in order to develop and manufacture HEPA, ULPA, or filters combined with Activated carbon.

        Customers can benefit from 40 years of experience in Medical, Industrial, and Automotive sectors and the technology used in these other type of filters.

        GVS offers support from the conceptual design stage to the production and supply.

        The Group has 15 manufacturing plants and can supply from UK, products with a high quality finish.

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        Carbon Filters

        The filter housings are made of PVC or zintec steel.

        The carbon is placed in the filter housing in special cells.

        Specially selected classes of carbons, including normal and chemically impregnated carbons, are used to ensure effective filtration to ensure the absorption of organic and inorganic substances to be removed.

        HEPA Filters

        GVS HEPA filters are designed to provide the highest level of protection in a wide range of sectors.

        The filter is tailor-made to the exact size and specification required.

        Each HEPA filter is individually tested to ensure that efficiency and resistance meet the stated performance.


        Filters Types
        HEPA, Ulpa, Carbone
        Filtration Grade
        From E10 to U15
        Housing HEPA filters
        Aluminium, aluminium with gel seals, galvanized steel
        Housing Carbon filters
        PVC, zintec steel


        • Nuclear Medicine Devices
        • Fume Hood
        • Laminar Fume Hood
        • Clean Rooms
        • Asbestos removal
        • Air extractor