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        PAPR Replacement Battery

        RPB Safety PX5 Battery Pack is a Long-life Lithium-ion battery.
        The PAPR replacement battery is for the PX5 and HX5 PAPRs.

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        • Includes:
          Replacement battery for the PX5 and HX5 PAPR
        • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last 8-12 hours depending on fan speed and environmental conditions. On fan speed 1 = approx. 12 hours, fan speed 2 = approx. 10 hours, fan speed 3 = approx. 8 hours. 
        • Charging time is <5 hours.
        • The long-life lithium-ion battery is sealed inside the unit during operation, protected from moisture when decontaminating and will not disconnect or bump off while operating.


        NIOSH – only in conjunction with an approved respirator.
        Compatible with
        PX5 PAPR Assemblies - 03-801, 03-801-FR, 03-802, 03-802-FR, 03-803, 03-803-FR, 03-804, 03-804-FR.
        Compatible with
        HX5 PAPR Assemblies - 03-601, 03-601-FR, 03-603, 03-603-FR.
        Compatible with
        All Z4, Z-Link, T-Link or T200 packages with PX5 or HX5 PAPRs.


        • Painting
        • High heat environments
        • Healthcare and Life Sciences
        • Pharmaceutical