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        • PVDF Hydrophobic Filtration Membrane, image 1

        PVDF Hydrophobic Filtration Membrane

        GVS PVDF is a naturally hydrophobic membrane.

        GVS offers the widest range of this membrane: supported transfer PVDF membrane and the supported oleophobic PVDF.

        This oleophobic membrane thanks GVS treatment has an enhanced oleophobicity and hydrophobicity, that make this membrane ideal for venting application as well as bloodlines applications.

        PVDF membrane will not degrade, distort or shrink when using a high concentration of methanol for destaining.

        The exceptional tensile strength allows for easy removal of target bands without concern for membrane tearing, fracturing, or curling.

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        GVS CA Membrane is available in roll widths from 1 inch (2.54 cm) to 13 inches (33 cm), as well as in sheets and disks that can be customized to meet your application and size requirements.

        Features & Benefits

        • Broad chemical compatibility 
        • Strict quality control
        • Superior strength prevents distortion and breaking with aggressive handling and processing


        Chemical compatibility
        mechanical strength


        • Venting, Spike vents, IV filter vents
        • Transducer protectors
        • Vacuum suction canisters
        • Urine drain bags
        • Ostomy bags

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