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        Transmission Filters

        As specialists for filtration systems, GVS offers modern conceptions to improve transmission fluid cleanliness. Contaminants can enter the transmission fluid system during the manufacturing process. They can also enter the transmission through the vent or the dipstick and fill tube during fluid level check/fill.

        Most of the time contaminants are the result of normal wear. These contaminants consist of metal chips and flakes from gears and bushing and fine fibrous materials from clutch facings. Automatic transmission filters protect transmission gainst contaminants in the fluid system. Proper filtration helps improve transmission life by minimizing wear and preventing sticking and scoring of sensitive shift control valves.

        In the event of a part failure, the filter also guards against secondary damage to other parts and thus helps to minimize repair costs.

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        The great technological and innovative design capacity allows GVS to solve all the filtration problems of its customers, especially when the elements must be used or inserted in conditions of reduced space, optimizing the performance of the final product.

        The normal use of standard filtering nets, from 40 to 160 microns, allows GVS to satisfy every request, even for ultra-fast prototyping, while the strong cross technology that characterizes the various development areas of GVS guarantees the use of innovative filter materials and advanced designs to increase the effectiveness of your products.


        Dimensions and size
        Customizable due to customer needs
        Filter manufacturing
        without use of sealing O-rings, using Co-Molding and Over-Molding of silicon or rubber elastomer seals
        Resistance to high temperature
        up to 160°C
        Filtering Materials
        PE, PA, Steel
        Types of weave
        Plain weave, Twill weave, Plain Dutch weave, Reverse Dutch weave, Twill Dutch weave
        Thermoplastic resin
        Nylon (PA), Acetal (POM), Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyphenyle Sulfide (PPS), Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)


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