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        • Tychem® 4000 Full Hood with Sealed Seams for T-Link® & T200™, image 1

        Tychem® 4000 Full Hood with Sealed Seams for T-Link® & T200™

        Our Tychem® hood securely attaches to both the T-Link and T200 headtop, ensuring your downward and peripheral vision is never compromised while giving you the ability to move freely.
        The Tychem 4000 hood also features a soft breathable inner bib with an extra tuck-in collar which helps to maximize comfort while directing air down your body to aid in cooling. 

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        • Includes:
          Replacement Tychem 4000 full hood with sealed seams


        Compatible with
        T-Link (17-118-12, 17-115-12, 17-015-12) and T200

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