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        Viral Shield Cabin Air Filters

        GVS has developed filters across a wide range of applications areas, such as medical breathing systems, face masks, fume extraction, and HEPA for medical applications.

        By bringing together materials and production techniques in these areas, GVS can offer viral shield cabin air filters with filtration performance well above existing products on the market.

        We develop high-efficiency customizable packages that can remove a wide range of contaminants (coarse dust, fine particulate, bacteria, viruses, and molecular fumes) along with allergens, whilst still maintaining relatively low levels of resistance for the system to keep energy consumption at a low level.

        GVS has filtration performance test capabilities at sub-micron size (we can measure particle efficiency right down to 0.04 microns!) as well as molecular gas breakthrough analysis to ensure the finished products perform to the highest standards.

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        • Increased efficiency using Healthcare & Life Sciences and Health & Safety filtration know-how;
        • BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency) tests performed;
        • Potential Antiviral and Antibacterial performances depending on customer requirements;
        • Reduced resistance in small packaging sizes.


        A wide range of media grades
        we are able to manage different contaminants (coarse dust, fine particulate, bacteria, viruses and molecular fumes), at different levels of efficiency and pressure drop
        A wide range of formats
        rectangular, ramped, conical, cylinder formats, or cascade pleat construction, depending on customer requirements
        A wide range of frames
        foam thermoplastic, fabric, or polyurethane, depending on customer requirements
        Higher filter efficiency
        the filter does not rely on electrostatic materials and maintains high performance through its whole operating life


        • Vehicle Cabin Air
        • HVAC Systems
        • Air Conditioning Systems
        • Heating and Ventilation Systems