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        • Z-Link respirator with Zytec FR Face Seal and HX5 PAPR assembly, image 1

        Z-Link respirator with Zytec FR Face Seal and HX5 PAPR assembly

        The Z-Link is the most versatile multi-purpose respirator on the market.

        Designed to be resilient in harsh industrial applications while practical to meet the demands of healthcare and life science settings. The Z-Link has been designed with your comfort and functionality in mind, ensuring no matter where you’re working, you’ll be protected for your life’s best moments.

        Visibility has been at the forefront of the Z-Link’s design, boasting a large visor that enables you to see with exceptional downward and peripheral vision. This system also combines with a visor that hinges open so you can easily communicate with your team, as and when necessary.

        Fitted with a padded headliner and head suspension system, the Z-link’s weight is evenly distributed, relieving you of aches and strains on your neck to enhance your experience of comfort.
        Being fully adjustable ensures the respirator fits securely to all head sizes, maximizing stability and always moving with your head.
        Our innovative design ensures you have a greater range of movement, so you can focus on your job at hand.

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        • RPB® Z-Link® Respirator, includes:
          16-010-11 Z-Link with Zytec® FR Face Seal,
          04-831 Breathing Tube,
          03-601-FR HX5™ PAPR Assembly

        • Large, optically clear visor with Z87+ certified eye protection

        • Adjust the direction of the air with the air deflector

        • Fixed jaw to ensure secure cape attachment

        • Molded padding fits closely to your head to evenly spread weight

        • APF of greater than 1000

        • Polystyrene top liner for impact absorption

        • Swivel inlet fitting for easy breathing tube attachment

        • Optional RPB Comms-Link™ accessories for radio communications

        • Optional RPB Vision-Link™ helmet light for work in dark environments

        • Optional RPB Quiet-Link™ ear muffs for high noise environments

        • Gray heat-reflecting shell for lower in-helmet temperatures

        • Compatible with supplied air or powered air


        Z-Link certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-19C-0534, TC-19C-0535
        HX5 certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-21C-1214, TC-21C-1215, TC-21C-1216, TC-21C-1217
        HX5 certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-21C-1218, TC-21C-1219, TC-21C-1220, TC-21C-1221
        HX5 certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers TC-21C-1222, TC-21C-1223, TC-21C-1224, TC-21C-1225
        HX5 certified to NIOSH
        42 CFR 84, Approval Numbers , TC-21C-1226, TC-21C-1227, TC-21C-1228, TC-21C-1229


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