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        Cosmo, the Nailstation equipped with Molecular Filter

        Half-face of a young woman with manicured hands and nails

        COSMO is the new GVS professional table, a project aimed at enhancing nail technician performances by guaranteeing a clean, healthy, comfortable, and safe working environment.

        Designed by a team of architects and designers, COSMO is the result of stylistic research that explores the Beauty Care world and reflects its topicality.

        An elegant piece of furniture with elegant lines, details and finishes, made from innovative materials. Thanks to its refined colours, it offers many chromatic solutions that favour its setting and help to personalize workspaces.

        COSMO is the only complete workstation and uses GVS Filter Technology. In particular, it is equipped with 3 suction zones, supported by interchangeable molecular filters that are able to intercept and retain VOC and dust.

        For more information write to [email protected]