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        GVS recognized as a Sustainability Leader 2024

        A drop of water containing a detailed image of Earth, symbolizing the connection between water and the planet's sustainability, suspended above a calm water surface creating ripples.

        We are proud to announce that GVS has been included among the Sustainability Leaders for 2024, according to the ranking by "Statista" and "Il Sole 24 Ore".

        This recognition is a testament to our commitment towards responsible practices, aimed at promoting our vision: contributing with innovative products to the weel-being of society while reducing the impact of our activities on a global scale.

        The analysis was conducted by Statista and involved 45 total indicators across three dimensions of sustainability (environmental, social, and economic). All data were sourced from the sustainability report or an equivalent document, as well as the financial report or annual report for the year 2022 or 2021. Each company received an overall score based on which the 240 "Sustainability Leaders 2024" were identified.

        Being included in the list of Sustainability Leaders reflects our journey towards increasingly sustainable growth and our efforts to improve environmental, social, and governance performance. Confirming our commitment to these issues, in 2023, we established the Cross-functional Sustainability Committee to create a formal space to discuss future sustainability challenges and define strategic priorities. One of the first challenges for 2024 is the definition of an ambitious Group-level Sustainability Plan, in which our vision will be consolidated through the setting of targets and objectives.

        We thank all our employees and partners for their support and dedication in achieving this milestone.

        We will continue to work together to innovate and enhance our sustainable practices, with the aim of bringing benefits not only to GVS but also to the planet and its people.

        For more details on the ranking, please visit Il Sole 24 Ore - Sustainability Leaders 2024.