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        GVS supports “Sport Education"

        Tennis ball in a playground

        The GVS Group is committed to supporting the non-profit initiative Sport Education, aimed at creating a new model of sports reality that serves as an educational opportunity for all children, youth, and families who believe in the importance of sports and healthy competition.

        At Sport Education, two sporting excellences are present: Gymnasium, offering a multidisciplinary sports education path for children aged 3 and up, and Tennis Academy, a true talent factory dedicated to maximizing athletes' potential and guiding them through development to high-level professionalism, also thanks to collaboration with internationally renowned ATP coaches.

        Social commitment is a distinctive trait of the GVS Group, and in this regard, the collaboration with Sport Education is another step forward in promoting social inclusion through sports.

        If you want to learn more about Sport Education and their initiatives, you can visit the following link: