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        GVS S.p.A. moves to renewable energy

        GVS S.p.A. moves to renewable energy

        The European manufacturing plants of GVS are moving towards the use of electricity from renewable sources only.

        The Group has signed in 2021 a contract that provides the primary European production sites with renewable certified electricity.

        GVS expects to convert 7 gigawattshour to renewable energy used for manufacturing, thus contributing to the reduction of the emissions into the atmosphere of above 2.600 million tons of CO2 per year, which would require planting over 17.000 trees to be absorbed.

        The initiative is part of the Group roadmap to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2040.

        Our European plants reach GVS do Brasil in the list of manufacturing sites that use 100% electricity from renewable sources. The initiative set the pace within the Group, where other North American plants are now close to achieving the same result.” Massimo Scagliarini, CEO GVS

        With the European initiative, GVS intends to obtain a reduction of 14%, compared to 2020, in the emission of greenhouse gases, marking a significant contribution in the context of the United Nations SDG 13 Climate Action, to fight the temperature rise of the planet.