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        Twenty years of GVS Speedflow® Adult

        Doctor drawing liquid from a bottle with a syringe

        In 2022 we celebrate the 20th launch anniversary of a GVS flagship product: Speedflow® Adult.

        We designed Speedflow® as the perfect patients’ protection against bacteria, air bubbles, and particulate matter.

        Within these 20 years, and today even more, Speedflow® is the market reference for IV filters for higher flow rates, ease of priming, elimination of air bubbles in any position, protection from bacteria and particles.

        All enclosed in minimal dimensions and with the characteristic "dual face" design.

        Originality, performance, and quality have made Speedflow® a unique and inimitable product.

        Speedflow® IV Filter is available in various models:

        • wide range of connectors;

        • customized printing;

        • amber housing version for photosensitive drugs.

        Find out more about Speedflow® Adult