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        Whistleblowing Reporting Channel

        The illustration represents a detective agency, with different elements enclosed in circles, such as images, keys, magnifying glass.

        GVS has adopted a Whistleblowing policy, available on the Governance section of the GVS website, and introduced a communication channel to submit reports, accessible here. A voice recording system is also available.

        The channel ensures confidentiality and GVS guarantees the absence of retaliation.

        What has to be reported? The notification of a violation or a possible violation of laws, regulations, the Code of Ethics or of Company procedures or policies. It is important that reports are submitted in good faith, based on concrete elements or at least on a well-founded reason to believe the information reported to be truthful.

        Who can submit a report? Employees, former employees, interns, suppliers, customers or any other company stakeholder. 

        Is the communication channel safe? The whistleblowing service is provided by an external partner to ensure anonymity. The communication channel is encrypted and password-protected. All messages will be processed in confidence.

        For further information, please consult the policy Whistleblowing.