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        Capsflow - Capsule Filters - CIK Series

        Capsflow CIK series is a family of full-size capsule filters with Staubli and Hose Barb connection at the vent, which enables an in-line integrity test.

        The CIKPS PES membrane capsule utilizes a single layer hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane, for liquid filtration.

        The CIKPT ePTFE membrane Bio-burden reduction capsule utilizes a single layer hydrophobic PTFE membrane, for air and gas filtration. 

        The CIKPP PP Capsule Filters with depth structure of polypropylene media, for liquid filtration.

        All the membranes offer broad chemical compatibility, higher dirt holding capacity with high flow rates at low-pressure drop, and low extractables.

        For product specifications, applications, and order information consult the CAPSFLOW catalog.


        Catalog CAPSFLOW CSK - SIK - CXK - CIL series
        Compatibility Chart
        Capsflow Catalog CIS - CID - VF50 - CXD series

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        • All materials meet the specifications of far biological safety per USP Class VI-121C° far plastics.
        • The material used to produce filter media and hardware is safe for use in contact with foodstuffs in accordance with EU Directives 10/2011.


        Filters media material
        PES, ePTFE, Polypropylene
        Maximum operating pressure
        Liquid: 5bar (80psi) at 77°F/25°C; Gas: 3.5bar (60psi) at 77°F/25°C
        Maximum operating temperature
        Fittings In/Out
        TC (Tri-Clamp), HB (Hose Barb)
        ST (Staubli), HB (Hose Barb)
        Pore Size
        From 0.04µm to 2µm