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        • Elipse® FFABEK1P3 Respirator, image 1

        Elipse® FFABEK1P3 Respirator

        filters cannot be replaced

        Compact, lightweight and flexible design which adapts and fits perfectly to the face and offers a full range of visibility without interfering with other eye or ear protections which users choose to wear.

        Cartridge filters with lower breathing resistance, increase in gas performance and greater duration of use.
        Easy to adjust headband clip with enhanced retention performance.

        Elipse comes in 2 sizes, S/M & M/L: 
        SPR493 S/M Elipse Mask with FFABEK1P3 filters
        SPR494 M/L Elipse Mask with FFABEK1P3 filters


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        This mask is recommended for organic, inorganic, chemical, ammonia based gases and dust into industrial applications.

        Gas filters contain activated carbon granules with special characteristics related to pore size, grain size, activation level, density, etc. These characteristics guarantee high absorption performance and low breathing resistance.

        Each mask is fitted with two filters for protection against gases, vapours and dust.
        Once the filters are exhausted, they cannot be replaced.


        EN405: 2001 + A1: 2009 FFABEK1P3 D. CE 2797.
        P3 >99,95% for 0,3 μ particulate. At 1000 ppm: Cyclohexane > 70 minutes. Chlorine > 20 minutes. Hydrogen sulphide > 40 minutes. Hydrogen cyanide > 25 minutes. Sulphur dioxide > 20 minutes. Ammonia > 50 minutes.
        Medical grade TPE conforms to ISO 10993-10: 2010 for irritations. Mask body latex and silicone free, odour free. Valve Body in Nylon, Inhalation/Exhalation diaphragm in Silicone. 4 point adjustable elasticated head and neck strap with comfort pad in TPE.
        Gas Filters: activated carbon sealed into a ABS Shell. Particulate filters: Mechanical type multi-layer HESPA Synthetic media with TPE flexible overmolded/encapsulated. Particulate filters are integrated permanently with the carbon element.


        • For multiple gases, vapours, acids and dust
        • For organic gases and vapours with a boiling point above 65°C
        • For ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives